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We at Multinox INC are one of leading manufacturers, supplier, and exporters of Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes (ASTM B161 / B725, ASME SB161 / SB725). Nickel Alloys Pipes are the most successful modern alloys and are in commonly used for their high resistance to corrosion, warping, heat, and pressure.

We offer Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipes & Tubes in various technical specifications, grade, and sizes as required by clients. We offer Nickel Alloy 201 Welded Pipes & Tubes, ASTM B161 Nickel 201 Seamless Pipe and Tubes, ASTM B163 Nickel 201, ASTM B725 Nickel 201 Seamless, ASTM B730 Nickel 201 Seamless/ Welded Pipes and Tubes.

Nickel Alloy 201 Welded Pipes & Tubes (UNS N02201) is impervious to corrosion by impartial and antacid salt methods. Our Nickel Alloy Round Pipes & Tubes can exceptionally work at both high temperature and low-temperature ranges. Hence, they are deploy in special mechanical machinery.

Nickel Alloy Tubes Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes Nickel Alloy Pipes

Nickel and High Nickel Alloy Square Pipes & Tubes are used relatively everywhere, from motors and reactors to the chemical refinery, oil refinery, generators, and even in everyday products such as doorknobs, eyeglasses, and musical instruments. Please contact us today or Email us your specific requirements on Nickel Alloy Piping & Tubing needs!

Specifications for Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes

Standards ASTM / ASME
Size 1/8"NB TO 30"NB IN
Length Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
Grade UNS 2200 (Nickel 200), UNS 2201 (Nickel 201)
Type Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
Form Round Pipes/Tubes, Square Pipes/Tubes, Rectangular Pipe/Tubes, Oval Pipes/Tubes, Coiled Tubes, "U" Shape, Pan Cake Coils, Hydraulic Tubes etc.
End Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded

Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes Sizes

1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 11/4"
11/2" 2" 21/2" 3" 4" 5" 6"

Types of Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes

  • Nickel Alloy 200 (UNS No. N02200) Pipes & Tubes
  • Nickel Alloy 201 (UNS No. N02201) Pipes & Tub
  • ASTM / ASME SB 163 UNS 2200 ( NICKEL 200 )
  • ASTM / ASME SB 163 UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 )
  • ASTM / ASME SB 163 / 165 UNS 4400 (MONEL 400)
  • ASTM / ASME SB 464 UNS 8020 ( ALLOY 20 / 20 CB 3 )
  • Nickel Seamless Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Seamless Pipe
  • Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe
  • Nickel Seamless Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
  • Nickel Seamless Tubing
  • Nickel Welded Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Welded Pipe
  • Nickel Alloy Welded Pipe
  • Nickel Welded Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Welded Tubes
  • Nickel Welded Tubing
  • Nickel Round Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Round Pipe
  • Nickel Alloy Round Pipe
  • Nickel Round Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Round Tubes
  • Nickel Round Tubing
  • Nickel Custom Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Custom Pipe
  • ASTM / ASME SB 704/705 UNS 8825 INCONEL (825)
  • ASTM / ASME SB 167 / 517 UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 )
  • ASTM / ASME SB 167 UNS 6601 ( INCONEL 601 )
  • ASTM / ASME SB 704 /705 UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625)
  • ASTM / ASME SB 619/622/626 UNS 10276 ( HASTELLOY C 276 )
  • Nickel Alloy Custom Pipe
  • Nickel Decorative Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Decorative Tubes
  • Nickel Decorative Tubing
  • Nickel Thick Wall Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Thick Wall Pipe
  • Nickel Alloy Thick Wall Pipe
  • Nickel Polish Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Polish Tubes
  • Nickel Polish Tubing
  • Nickel Thin Wall Pipe
  • Nickel-Cobalt Alloys Thin Wall Pipe
  • Nickel Alloy Thin Wall Pipe
  • Nickel Instrumentation Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Instrumentation Tubes
  • Nickel Instrumentation Tubing
  • Nickel Heat Exchager Tube
  • Nickel Alloy Heat Exchager Tubes
  • Nickel Heat Exchager Tubing

Available Grades of Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes

Nickel Alloy 200 Pipes & Tubes Nickel Alloy 201 Pipes & Tubes

Latest Prices of Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes

Multinox INC offers Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes at one of the most competitive prices in India. Request the latest Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes Pricelist using the contact form here.

Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes Available Standards

ASTM B161 Nickel Seamless Pipes ASME SB161 Nickel Seamless Tube ASTM B622 Nickel Welded Pipes
ASTM B622 Nickel Welded Tubes ASTM B161 Nickel Round Pipes ASTM B730 Nickel Round Tubes
ASTM B161 Nickel Custom Pipes ASTM B161 Nickel Decorative Tubes ASTM B622 Nickel Thick Wall Pipes
ASTM B622 Monel Polish Tube ASTM B622 Nickel Thin Wall Pipes ASTM B161 Nickel Instrumentation Tubes
ASTM B622 Nickel Heat Exchager Tubes ASTM B622 Nickel Decorative Pipes ASTM B161 Nickel Custom Tubes

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Nickel Alloy Pipes & Tubes Applications

Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies Power Generation Petrochemicals Gas Processing
Specialty Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Equipment Chemical Equipment
Sea Water Equipment Heat Exchangers Condensers Pulp & Paper Industry